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5 Things to have in mind when sending an email

by Martha Cardoso

When the objective is to generate an email, it is recommendable to have in mind some strategic issues in order to achieve the optimal impact in the readers, and even more important, to avoid the rejection of our email or to be marked as spam; therefore, here’s the list of the five things to have in mind when sending an email:

  1. To obtain reader’s authorization: It’s vital to have explicit authorization of the owner’s account of which is intended to constantly address emails, otherwise you are taking the risk of lose the good will of the client and also opening the possibility of being blocked, cancelling the chance of any future communication. Obtain the client authorization isn’t difficult, try offering something of value in return, like a coupon, some discount or a news bulletin. Then you’re going to obtain their permission together with any other personal data and preferences useful to you.
  2. Personalize your message: When possible, include the real name of the remittent in the head titles as in the message, this simple action motivates the user to read, act and be empathic with your proposal.
  3. Call for an action: Every sent email must explain simply and directly what the remittent is being invited to do (create evident links). It’s okay to be repetitive when you are calling for an action.
  4. Consider design a helpful tool: Instead of use a generic design pattern, you can create visual identity, using colors, fonts or any other component to reflect the “look and feel” of the label, without losing the functionality of the email.
  5. Check your statistics: Many email providers offer statistics of the campaigns, trough this you can monitor the number of mails opened, clicks, unsuscribed users. As your campaign evolves, you can adapt and enhance your mail format in order to improve your results and continue comparing the statistics.

To consider these small advices will have as a result a useful and more efficient use of the mailing as an advertising tool to any company.