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Financial sector's successful transformation: Increased clients, efficient marketing with Quaxar

 A well-known financial institution was facing challenges in managing its data and implementing effective marketing strategies. Despite having a solid customer base, the lack of a comprehensive vision and the difficulty in identifying behavior patterns and growth opportunities hampered their success in a highly competitive market.It was then that the financial institution decided to partner with Quaxar to streamline its operations. Quaxar implemented a comprehensive data management solution that made it possible to efficiently acquire, segment, and clean the institution's database. Through analysis and the use of big data techniques, Quaxar helped the financial institution better understand its customer behavior, identify purchasing patterns, and assess the value and profitability of each customer.

In addition, Quaxar implemented automated marketing strategies, such as drip marketing and email marketing, to improve customer communication and increase qualified lead generation. The results were remarkable, with 100% growth in the customer base and a 98% delivery rate on email marketing campaigns. Average open rates reached 35% and click-through rates (CTR) 33% for automated routes, while promotional campaigns achieved an average open of 28% and a CTR of 5%.

Quaxar also triggered a series of automated email marketing communications based on segmenting customers based on type and satisfaction. This allowed obtaining information about customers, their travel frequency and their level of satisfaction with the services. The financial institution managed to recruit 4,386 unique contacts in just 2 months.

In addition to these marketing strategies, a Wi-Fi hotspot was installed and a quality survey was implemented in airport lounges, providing the financial institution with valuable insight into its customer experience.

The implementation of a CRM system and 360 loyalty programs allowed the financial institution to strengthen relationships with its customers and offer them a personalized experience. Quaxar's ability to integrate database, digital marketing, analytics and reporting into a single system provided a holistic view of each client and facilitated decision making based on accurate data.

Thanks to these improvements, the financial institution experienced increased customer satisfaction, higher retention, and higher profitability. In addition, the times and costs associated with data management and marketing strategies have been significantly reduced. Taken together, the collaboration with Quaxar enabled a successful transformation in the operations of the financial institution.

Currently the customer database has more than 90 thousand unique contacts with name, email and date of birth information. In addition, almost 6,000 responses to their quality survey have been obtained, which has allowed them to detect areas for improvement in their services.