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Generate leads and conversions 59% faster!

As we mentioned in our previous article, various sectors and areas have benefited from the progress and application of artificial intelligence, and it's no surprise that digital marketing is among them.

AI has managed to enhance and revolutionize the traditional way marketing strategies were conducted in the past, providing significant improvements that have contributed to achieving better results. According to a report by Statista, 59% of companies using AI in marketing claim to have experienced an increase in lead generation and conversions.

Below, we will list the benefits that AI has brought to marketing strategies:

Improved Personalization

According to a study by Evergage, 88% of marketing professionals report an increase in response rates due to AI-based personalization. Through real-time data analysis, AI can understand individual customer behaviors and preferences, allowing for highly personalized recommendations and messages. This creates a much more engaging and effective experience for the customer.

Task Automation

With AI, it’s possible to automate repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing up marketing teams’ time to focus on other strategic activities. Tasks such as audience segmentation, email campaigns, and ad optimization, when automated, provide greater efficiency and productivity for the company, resulting in better outcomes. A Marketo report shows that 91% of marketing professionals state that AI has improved their operational efficiency.

Ad and Content Optimization

A WordStream report indicates that AI-based advertising campaigns are 50% more likely to outperform established performance goals. AI can analyze large datasets and behavior patterns to identify the most effective ads and content for specific audiences. This enables precise optimization of marketing strategies, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI).

Predictive Analysis

With AI support, companies can perform predictive analysis based on historical and real-time data. This helps identify emerging trends, anticipate customer needs, and make more informed decisions. An Aberdeen Group study reveals that companies using AI-based predictive analysis achieve a 27% annual revenue growth rate compared to those who do not use it.

Enhanced Decision-Making

According to a McKinsey report, 64% of marketing professionals state that AI has improved their ability to make effective marketing decisions. AI provides valuable information and data-driven recommendations to marketing professionals. By analyzing large volumes of information, AI can identify patterns and correlations that humans may overlook. This greatly aids marketing professionals in making more informed and strategic decisions.

Therefore, it's important to consider the advantages offered by artificial intelligence before regarding it as our natural enemy. If we learn to use all these tools correctly, we can benefit greatly and achieve better results for the company.

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