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How does the invention of the printing press and the internet relate?

The invention of the printing press, around 1440, is widely regarded as the most influential event in the second millennium AD. We have to thank Johannes Gutenberg for that! But this magnificent invention was not regarded as great back then, it actually brought chaos and bloodshed to Europe for over 150 years. For the most part due to the new and wide spread of ideas…

The invention of the internet, and everything it now comes with it, I would presume is regarded as a significantly relevant invention, to the grade of the printing press. Consequently, a revolution, not necessarily chaotic or bloody, is coming. Signs of it there are many, struggles in the music industry, the Arab spring, among others. Should one be afraid? Not at all, as Seth Godin puts it “this is the best shot you have ever got”. What you, the generation above and below just need to do is pay close attention to this changes and adapt to them. Even better, make them!

I dare to say it’s certain; we are in for a shaky/interesting ride for at least the next 20 years.

By @maudac