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Is email losing the fight against other media?

by Molina-Cosculluela


Over the last week I’ve read a couple of quite interesting studies, challenging and debating over the effectiveness of email marketing. Over the next few paragraphs I’d like to share some of the findings along with my personal opinion.

It is clear for all of us that marketing strategies worldwide invest in various channels for effective interpersonal communication. Well, today the power of conventional electronic mail has been challenged, with newer social media like Facebook and Twitter seen as its competitors. Furthermore Gen Y seems to be adopting text messaging too. So email faces a question of survival! Will it keep its head above water in the changing tides?

Research shows that, though the current trend amongst professionals is to communicate through the vibrant social media, a whopping 65% still remain loyal to email as their preferred choice of communication. The study tested the popularity of email against three contenders – Text messages, Instant messages and the social networks. Email still remains in the driving seat!

A surprising trend has emerged where usage of one media actually boosted the use of the other. That’s to say, if customers are text messaging more, they have also increased their use of the other three channels, namely email, instant messaging and social networks. And as if that weren’t enough, there is evidence to show that growth of social media will contribute to usage of email also! We have a growing trend of people writing more, maybe to their school friends or to their near and far relatives through the social networking sites.

Don’t forget among the newer section of people relying more on technology and email are the Smartphone users. Their loyalty to Smartphones has enriched email correspondence too. The student community has embraced it as it matches their fast and furious lifestyles. They can dutifully follow academic programs, assignments and their personal work through emails from their Smartphones wherever they are. Not to be left behind, the business community too is an ardent Smartphone user thanks to its email options, and yes, they tend to use it more for personal reasons than official.

Today business communication has taken the preferred route of email correspondence with their clients and consumers. Paperless communication helps them save on their expenditures too. Email correspondence is now an accepted norm. Nearly 93% of online consumers have asked companies to keep them informed of promotions through email rather than paper-based information.

Young adults today rely heavily on online payment of bills like rent and tuition which has increased the usage of email. So the pool of email users grows by the day!

For marketers, combining email with other channels seems to strike a chord with customers. When newer channels emerge, they incorporate emails. Emails too have been re-invented with newer features making them more attractive.

Multi channel marketing strategies through text messaging are also poised to grow. We are currently seeing a growing trend of text messaging with our customers, particularly in Latin-America where cell phone penetration is much higher than internet penetration. To avoid cluttering of the Inbox, marketers must convey concise personal mails to their consumers. Email stays ahead in the race due to its inherent nature of being able to reach people privately and to convey messages irrespective of length and format.

To conclude: As a marketer you don’t want to miss the opportunity of multichannel marketing that incorporates emails. It’s still a leader in digital engagement!

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