– Quaxar 2020. What this year has left us

Quaxar 2020. What this year has left us

This 2020 in Quaxar we celebrate our twentieth anniversary. We would have loved to have a great celebration in person with you, but the current contingency did not allow it. 2020 not only brought our 20th anniversary, but, like most companies around the world, it brought significant challenges. Challenges for which many of us weren’t prepared, but fortunately, we can say that with effort we have managed to get ahead.

The challenges imposed during this year helped us to have a clear idea of each purpose, rethink each strategy, but above all, it helped us to strengthen our support for each customer with our digital solutions. Contributing in one way or another to help each of you continue to move forward despite the circumstances, was our commitment from the first moment and we can say that we are satisfied with the work done. But it doesn’t stop there.

In this “new normal”, where there is really nothing “normal”, we want to maintain our support and commitment to providing the best possible solution to make every customer a leader within their sector.

We’re still not sure what we will face in 2021, but what we can be sure of is that if we all work together, we will succeed. Everything in this life is an experience, so let’s learn from it and move forward with our heads and hearts held high.


Leonel Azuela

Founder & CEO Quaxar