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Are you a Social Media Zombie?

Six signs that you are zombificated by social media

by David Ocampo | Quaxar´s Interactive Designer

The technology serves to simplify life and make it more productive. In the same way, social media are designed to enhance our relationships help us stay connected to the people around us. However, the current situation shows that these instruments have led to a high degree of alienation, can´t live without internet and without taking much less our mobile with us. Sometimes this dependence causes us stress and constant pressure to respond or stay connected to the network bringing us to a state of zombification.

The following list you’ll take a look at the most common symptoms that tell us how alienated we are social media, see it for yourself and self diagnosticate, Are you a social media Zombie?.

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Zombie Lego

  1. Obsessed with posts

Post every hour and every minute, not only give the good morning and good night, literally you describe you are doing every second. Also if that were not enough, you give likes right and left; Really love everything, or are in automatic mode ?.

Zombie Lego

  1. Addicted to Selfie

You cut your hair?, selfie; Will you go to run ?, selfie; You ready for a walk ?, selfie. If you have the gift of genetics good for you, if not, let me tell you that you have a problem.

Zombie Lego

  1. Frustrated Artist

We know you have artistic inclinations, but seriously, do you think need to photograph and share every dish you eat, puppy you see, or drink that consume?.

Zombie Lego

  1. Essential Check-in

You can´t start your dinner or meeting without having done the check-in place. Nor will you let pass the opportunity to share your opinions of the site in question.

Zombie Lego

  1. Gotta tweet this

Suddenly someone tells a joke very funny or hear a poignant phrase, if you just think “I have to tweet this,” you’re definitely a Zombie.

Zombie Lego

  1. “The Sound One

The ringtone you determine for your notifications have become “The Sound”, you live in expectation of who has to like your photo or who has retweeted your post. Relax, do not forget that social networks have to enjoy.

Zombie Lego