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Social Online Dating

by Maria Meinhard

Now that we are close to Valentine’s days is amazing that we all can talk about the new trends that are bringing people together and how social media has speed up romances through numerous on-line dating sites, social networks, mobile dating apps, sms, e-mails, virtual dating and online dating assistants.

Today an estimated of 40 million American singles use online dating. That’s about 40% of the adult American single population.   It’s no longer a matter of age, not only are the young ready to experiment also the baby boomers are embracing online dating; it’s estimated that the U.S. online dating market is expected to increase spending to $932 million in 2011.

Doing some research on the internet I find out a variety of sites advising tactics and techniques for this new trend of dating, they claim that relationships online have a similar success as the conventional ones; some of their success tips are: Chatting online instead of using the e-mail gives you better tactics to impress your date, the importance of profiles with photos gives you over twice as many response, 48% of breakups in online relationship occur thru e-mail, for people how thinks appearance is fundamental only few cases 9% recommend the use of web-cams, the vast majority of on-line daters believe is better in the beginning to share thoughts and ideas through text.

Is too much to say about these new trends, but let me mention one more thing that is important, there is risk involved, a variety of problems can occur when utilizing online dating sites as identity theft, privacy issues, discrimination and lies; love hurts more online.

Just to conclude new cyber-lovers strongly believe that social media is a great door opener to meet, share and connect people, not only for those that are looking for their perfect partner, also for those that are cupids connecting friends and family members to their personal networks….. But to consolidate their relationship they still maintain fundamentals that haven’t changed as going out, exchanging smiles, gifts, and the never ending hours on the phone.

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