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How to choose the ideal CRM for my company?

Surely at this moment, after evaluating the advantages that a CRM offers you, you have made the decision to implement it in your company. And after doing some research, you have seen that there are different options with different features and prices. Don’t worry, don’t despair, and don’t let the cost-saving devil advise you to hire the cheapest option, take a few minutes and read the following points so that you know how to choose the ideal CRM for your company.


1-Define objectives clearly

Review the general objectives of your company and all departments that will use the CRM. Although not everyone will initially use it, remember to consider each of them for the future when they need to be incorporated, because you do not want to be migrating to a new CRM every time.

When the objectives are identified and established, it is time to analyze the functionalities that each platform offers and compare them against the objectives to identify how to cover what you need. We recommend starting with the general ones and then the specific ones.


2-Establish costs and a schedule

It is important to include an amount as part of the company’s economic budget to finance the CRM services, both its implementation, maintenance, and the training that employees will need to take.

Additionally, it is vital to schedule the installation and implementation process of the CRM, delimiting each of the necessary actions to reach the goal with dates.


3-Consider integrations

If your company uses another platform that needs to be integrated into the CRM, it is important to review compatibility options and the entire process necessary to integrate it. Also, If it provides options to create custom solutions and the complexity of it in case technical or support team is required.

Analyze if it is possible to integrate all the applications your company currently uses into the CRM, so that the tasks that are carried out will all be in one place without having to use too many tools.


4-Check if it has alerts and automations

The sales team is the one that will use the CRM the most, so they don’t have much time to enter data in different sections or to be looking for the sections in which they should register it, therefore, the CRM must be intuitive to save the work and above all the time of the members.

It should also provide the possibility of automating tasks as much as possible and being able to configure follow-up reminders that facilitate the work of the team and save valuable time that can be allocated to other activities.


5-Listen to the team

Collaborators will be the ones who are most involved with the CRM, carrying out the day-to-day operation of this platform. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to their opinion, especially during the selection process.

Therefore, it is important that before making any contract, there is access to a demo version or free trial that allows them to explore the platform and generate feedback on it.


6-Shared information

It is necessary to ensure that data transparency and collaboration are allowed within the CRM, so that the information is not only available to one person, but several members can access it.

When more than one user can view the information related to the businesses that are in process, the probability of detecting errors in time and pointing out possible improvements increases.


7-Generate reports

The CRM must have the ability to create reports based on the information entered and processed through it. These reports should be both general and detailed and provide valuable information that allows the analysis of the efforts being made and predict customer behaviors.

Now that you have the necessary information to start your new analysis and choose an ideal CRM for your company, it’s time to get to work, remember that it’s not about choosing the cheapest or the trendiest.

However, if after reading this article you still have doubts about which CRM could be ideal for your company, remember that you can approach our Quaxar team. We will be happy to help you with your decision and, above all, that you get the results you expect.