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Do I Tweet for you or for me

by Azuela

This summer I was in England for vacations and a wedding.  I was not able to drink due to a course of treatment and not boozing with the British when you like your pints is a nightmare.   But the worst nightmare of all was that I promised myself I was not going to use my Blackberry for a week.

You can imagine how frustrating it was to cruise around London dry, and not connected.  I needed to express to the world my frustration and Tweeter was the way.  I felt that tweeting was the way to talk to the world. But I was also concerned that my privacy and personal issues would be shared with the world.

Tweeting by nature is for sharing moments but many of these moments are personal and private and receiving a tweet is cold and public.  Tweeting has two sides: on the one hand, it is a way to connect to the world and express your thoughts and feelings, but on the other, it is a way to express the most private moments in life.

I recommend that Tweeters consider these two sides when tweeting.  Tweet your moments but always with your followers in mind.  Your followers do not care so much about your personal moments as much as they care about what you have to say to your community.  They like to know about your stuff, but not TOO much; and please, talk about something of interest, not about everything.

In my tweets I always talk about topics such as Loyalty and CRM Marketing, so for me at that moment in London I couldn´t tweet “I need a beer and my Crackberry!”.  I had to modify my message for my audience and the message needed to be related to my topic of Loyalty and CRM.

At the end to send the message I needed to crack open my Blackberry but not a beer!  And the message was…“ Talking about Loyalties and Addictions.  In this holidays it has been harder to quit the blackberry than to not drink alcohol!”
The decisions is yours: “Do you Tweet for Me or for Yourself?”