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Online? Offline? Just one? Both? Oh, my god! What to do?

Imagine you where on Skype talking to your girlfriend/boyfriend. Because of some unknown reason she/he had gotten angry and started shouting to you. Your reaction would most certainly be get angry to some degree too, right?

If the first scenario happened and additionally later tat day, when you meet her/him to dinner and she/he started to shout you again,what would happen then? Your degree of anger would probably hike up to frenzy.

That is what it´s all about, double impact and in different grounds, equals stronger reaction. If we follow the ancient marketing rule of seven (the one that wisely dictates: a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy fromyou), unless people spend their complete day plug in to a computer, which is not yet the case, you also need to contact them where they spend the rest of their day.

More coherent stimulus, through different mediums, will only reinforce your marketing campaigns and get your target to first notice you and second, act upon the message.